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20 Years at High Point Market

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Well, it's actually 19 years, but close enough to 20 to call it so....

Counted it today, not taking into account the various places where I've placed furniture, including CR Laine and the Antique and Design Center, I have been in a total of 10 different showroom locations in the last 20 years. That is alot of moving around of product...all in attempt to find what is the right fit, at the right price, to showcase my product. So many ins and outs to this, but the constant is the following that I've created over the years....lovers of the Chinese Antiques that I was known for for the bulk of this time...and now for a fine line of British made Chesterfield sofas by Distinctive Chesterfields, company that I've been repping since 2012.

Over last couple of years have sequayed from having the antique/sofa combo to more or less exclusively sofa. (You can find bits and pieces of my Asian pieces in Twindeer and Boxwood.)

Have JUST landed in High Point and am looking forward to showcasing the new stock of Chesterfields just received. Open by appointment. Let me know if such interests you. 

A successful Market to ALL!

NOTE: Although HPMKT is to the trade only, I can readily accept retail customers at my facility. Again, just reach out to me.


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