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To Our Changing World!

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Who would've thought that our "connection" to the people in our world would come to the point where we RELY on our online portals as we are now. So much talk about how unconnected we had  become as we tended to not be present with the people we were with in person as we roved on our mobile devices to see what was going on 'out there'.  And now it is what is "out there", accessed by said mobile devices that is keeping us close. 

So very very grateful for the many ways that our virtual world is serving to connect our work, to information, to support groups, to our families and friends, to so many businesses/services that have ramped up and adapted their online portals to better serve the community at large. No, I can not imagine what it would be like to "shelter in place" without ALL of this. We are so fortunate.

Among other things, being in place for this extended period of time is making room for me to refresh my own online presence...updating info and product and ramping up on social media. 

To that end I'm now featuring on my Home Page all of the In Stock Distinctive Chesterfield pieces that are available for "quick ship" as they are located in our NC showroom AND our in country shippers are still able to move furniture.

I am also adding some new lines, starting with a collection of Haitian Artwork that is fashioned from recycled oil drums. An artform that I sold 30 plus years ago and that since then has evolved with improved finishes and finesse.
So excited to be introducing this to my audience.

After 10 years of having Antiques by Zaar product serve as the anchor for ZAAR Design Center, it is moving to take a back seat as the home stretch of liquidating these products continues. I'm excited about fleshing out the new additions to my collection and connecting you with some great product supported by talented, fine people.

I hope this message finds you and yours safely hunkered down and in good health.

I look forward to hearing from you/knowing how I can bring some Light your way in what is a  most unprecedented time.


P.S. If you can read the script on the earring in the featured photo it says "Be The Change". Yes, THAT is what we can do. Every day, at home.


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