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Oh What A Year It's Been!

Oh what a year it has been eh?!
I don't need to remind you that March 2020 was when our day to day life as we knew it started to change in a way that we could ever have imagined.
So many "side effects". So much out of our control. So much loss. Fear. Uncertainty. So much "pivoting". Just so much...
However, in spite of all this, there is not a day that goes by where I don't hear of good deeds being done, of people reaching out , of "silver linings"... that, without the mandate to stay "safe" by staying apart, of a call for us to simply stay "home"...thereby asking of our homes to be so much more than a launch and landing pad after a day out and about...that has been a result of being in the midst of a pandemic.
I've been more quiet than not this past year....and I thought it was time to "come out" if you will, and offer a reflection on what this past year has been to addition to being right in the thick of the real estate craziness. Should you be inclined to read about it, you can catch it here it in a blog I just wrote, so as to not make this missive too heavy.
There's no way that March 2020- March 2021 hasn't been a life altering year. I remain so hopeful that human kindness will reign. That our resolve to do good and be good will outweigh all that attempts to bring us down. And that we will emerge stronger, more united, compassionate and so aware of our impact on all those that cross our paths.
Thank you for travelling this road with me.

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