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Retiring Chinese Antiques by Zaar...

chinese antiques highpointshowroom online biz retiring

...after a good 20 year run!

Bittersweet as I make this news public here/that which I've been pondering for last couple of years.

The buying and selling of Chinese Antiques certainly wasn't on my radar for what I would do, let alone for 20 years. Having this biz has been much more than a source of income, as it truly has become part of my identity, and as such is a tad difficult to let go of.

There are alot of things in play for the retirement of this part of my work,but suffice it to say, it's time and I feel good about the decision.

Next step is to find homes for the beautiful pieces of furniture that remain in my collection. 

Of course they are online here on my site, but for those going to the High Point Furniture Market in April, this will be my final showing there. For those that aren't in the Trade and want to come to High Point to see what I have, am happy to make an appointment for you to do so.

I am currently still in two locations (warehouse and showroom) but will be moving as much as I can to the showroom and close out the warehouse as soon as possible. While still in both locations there is no problem taking you into both.

My heart is full for how enriched My Life has been for the Life of this Business and for the people that I've come to know by way of this biz. No words. Just gratitude.


P.S. For those of you wondering if I still am selling Chesterfield sofas for Distinctive Chesterfields, that would be a resounding yes. 


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