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Chinese Roots in Online Selling

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 Coming on 17 years ago when I made my first online sale of a traditional red wedding cabinet. Already and only?

8 years in Asia gave me a love for the genre. Upon our 1999 move to the states... presenting it to my customers and making such available for them to bring into their homes became my passion.

After all these years I still love the "feeling" that is emitted by a piece of furniture that has had a life (or more) before it entered my world....where it rests until it reaches its final home.

I love how inserting a piece of Asian furniture into just about any decorating schema adds a nuance that is inexplainable but definitive. 

Thank you for allowing me to be abit nostalgic here as I ponder the beginnings of my Life as an online seller of furniture and home accents...and the genre that is so personal and unique, that is part and parcel of those beginnings.

I can't think of any better genre to have launched me into this world.

Now, be sure to reach out to me if one of my treasures is speaking to you!


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