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Distinctive Chesterfield Customizations

Distinctive Chesterfields

Good Morning All!
Whew.  10 days in the High Point NC showroom have come and gone. As always a joy to receive people into the showroom and show off the collection of product I own/represent, including, of course, our In Stock Distinctive Chesterfields.
Aside from gushing about the showroom I wanted to put out a gentle reminder of the November 16th deadline to get on our next container, which will leave UK by mid December...the last container to leave UK in 2016.
And if per chance we have something In Stock  that we can ship to you from our North Carolina showroom, well....still good to get to you before the end of the year. 

Fall is in the air and I reluctantly turned my heat on in my MD home, for the first time yesterday...but have been enjoying the fresh air for my morning runs...preparing for a 10K on Sunday, which also happens to be my birthday, and which includes crossing the 4.3 mile Bay Bridge.Yes, a tad worried about the incline part of said run. Every time I drive it I am overwhelmed by that long steady incline that cannot be avoided. Steady as she goes. But boy will I get some cool pix!
Hope this finds you all well and enjoying the changing season.
Below, a note  on how you can customize your own Distinctive Chesterfield.
Let me know if you need any leather /fabric swatches or if you have any additional questions.

Although we have 4 standard sizes, club chair, 2 seater, 3 seater and 4 seater (which denotes size NOT number of cushions) I wanted to remind you that you can customize the size of your sofa for a small up charge.
You can change the length in 6" increments for cost of $299.00/increment, and you can increase depth or raise height of the seat, in 3" increments, for cost of $299.00/increment.
Likewise, we can create for you a sectional and/or add a chaise to any sofa that you choose. Options are limitless.

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