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Adding Warmth To A Room vis a vis a Carpet...

ZAAR has been a regular participant at the To The Trade only show, in High Point NC since 2004, as many of you know.

With the help of my designer angels my showroom always looks great. It is an inviting and colorful space, beautifully showcasing how the various collections I represent marry.

Well, this past Market we had the icing on the cake, when New River Artisans came to show with us. Talk about adding a punch to our space. It was if the carpets they brought were designed specifically for this it was "meant to be".

As beautiful as they are, this space is, afterall, a showroom, and they are meant to grace the floor of a home.   These carpets, generally only available to Designers, are being made available to my ZAAR, should you be interested in getting details on any shown here, do let me know and I will get info/added images, etc to you directly.  Each one is so very special in and of it's own right.


And, as a P.S., the  Satterwhite family, who I've known for almost 10 years, the Heart and Soul of New River Artisans, is as warm and delightful as the carpets they design and produce. 



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