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The Impact of Working with Cottage Industries....

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Just wanted to shine a light here on the two companies that I represent here at ZAAR that are what I would call "grass roots" companies, each working as a "cottage industry". 

Definition of cottage industry

1an industry whose labor force consists of family units or individuals working at home with their own equipment
2a small and often informally organized industry


Yes, Frank Rogers, an American who has found his way to San Miguel Mexico, and set up shop as Frank Rogers Design (formerly a florist) , is making beautiful hand forged furniture, with glass tops. Each item is made to order, carefully handcrafted by the artisans trained by Frank in the craft.
Franks' New England background has influenced his design, with the intertwining vines/namely the "bittersweet"  that are specific to his designs, being prevalent in each creation...which I find simply alluring.
Similarly C and S Acosta, a family business, creates unique hand cut mirrors in Thailand. Husband/ wife team spearhead this business (he being American and she being Thai) that has been selling (wholesale only)  in the US for more than 20 years. Design and production is carefully monitored for these works of art, which ZAAR is thrilled to represent on our site...and is able to ship out/expertly packed, from High Point NC.
Both collections I find to be unique in their design and appeal, with added oooomph given to what is behind each creation. Just kind of makes it the package deal.

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