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Expanded Leather Offerings: Distinctive Chesterfields

chesterfield sofas leather chesterfields made in england

Oh me oh my. Here we go again. In the interest of ensuring you we are giving you a wide  range of choices we have once again broadened the base of colors available to you... AND at the price point that you can't beat.

I urge you to  go check out our Standard, most affordable price point at our already competitively priced factory to consumer pricing, expanded leather choices. We have added no less than 8 new leathers to the existing antique range.  Colors like Ferrari Red, Black...I know, boring name, Tobacco, Buttermilk, Iron, Steel and White.


And not to forget, for those of you that prefer fabric over leather, that we have a lovely range of denim, wool, linen and velvet available.

Whether you want classic neutrals  or soft pastels, leather or fabric, we can accommodate. And should we not have on hand what you want, you can provide your own fabric and we will work with it.

Our sofas come in 4 standard sizes, but do know that they are fully customizable...and frankly, for 295.00 per 6" increment, you can build a sofa as long as you desire. AND you can even customize depth and height should that be your druthers, as well.

And although not shown on our website, we can do sectionals, AND, also not on the website, we do a club chair in all styles.


Lastly, don't forget about the items we have in our High Point NC showroom...ready for "quick ship"...or for you to come check out for yourself, the quality of our product. Click here to check em all out...and get in touch with yours truly if you want to make an appointment.

I'm into the 5th year of representing this UK based company, and am happy for the continued growth and breadth of our customer base all across the United States. It is my business, and my pleasure, to work with you as you determine your own British made Distinctive Chesterfield.



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