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A Fine Collaboration: Designed/Made in Mexico/Sold in the USA.


As spelled out  in my About Us/Meet Ruth section of my website, I absolutely love representing fine product from fine people, and Frank Rogers Design falls right into the rhythm of that.   Frank, a florist for over 2 decades, reinvented himself in his retirement years, and found himself working closely with a small group of artisans in San Miguel Mexico, who do an excellent job hand forging iron.  He presents ideas and concepts and they translate that into product. A great marriage. He has carried over his love of his New England roots to his designs,which are romantic and whimsical, with his inspiration being the beautiful, and invasive, vine that was ever prevalent in the Connecticut countryside, namely the Bittersweet.  His love of nature is further represented in the personalized addition to each piece,of a handmade, and removable if not your cup of tea,  nest housing hand painted  robin's eggs.

I have been drawn to his artistic pieces from the very first time I saw one of his console tables in Southampton in Old Town Crossing. And let's just say the "rest is history" and here I am representing this fine man and his works of art at ZAAR Design Center, in High Point NC, and, of course,online.


I do love how his pieces add to the ambiance of my collection but I don't believe that ZAAR Design Center is "home" for them. And in the interest of changing up the current selection with new pieces, I am offering all the pieces that are on the floor, at a discounted rate AND with FREE SHIPPING. 

You can see all by visiting the section dedicated on ZAAR  to Frank's pieces here... a little teaser below.  And for some great close ups, to really get a sense of the texture and nature of these hand forged pieces, do check out my Pinterest board here.

If you're looking for a special addition to your home, look no further. Artistically crafted and yet with practical application, a Frank Rogers Design creation may be that which will fit the bill for you.

Look forward to hearing from you! 




207 838 2675

Distinctive Chesterfields Website

Zaar Design Center Website



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