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Labour Day Events: CHESTERFIELD SALE, and....

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Labor Day it is!

....and Distinctive Chesterfields is having a SALE....for THREE DAYS ONLY!

 An additional 10% off of the already reduced prices shown on our IN STOCK page on the site. (Also, check out the featured "sale" items shown on the ZAAR Home page here.)  Should you want to cash in on one of these deals, please reach out to yours truly and I'll be happy to process your sale for you. 

And personally Labor Day 2017 is a pretty special one for my family, as we are expecting our first grandchild/due this weekend.  Yes, we are pretty sure she will be at least a tad late. But nonetheless I am up in Canada, awaiting the debut of little Adalyn Avery, with plans to stay on and help my daughter and her husband along with the transition of becoming new parents....and just perhaps do some serious bonding with this new addition to our family. :)

Am equally thrilled to be spending some time here as I have the opportunity to visit frequently my parents....who are turning 91 and 92 next month.

Soooo, LOTS going on.  Couldn't be happier that I have a job that allows me this freedom to work anywhere where I can get online and take calls.

Again, feel free to reach out to me with regards to any of these deals that just might work for you.....OR, if we don't have in stock what you want, know that our next shipment will leave UK end of October and is the last shipment where we can guarantee pre Christmas Delivery.  Orders need to be in by September 12th to make that deadline.

Look forward to hearing from you/In the Meanwhile, trust your'e having a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.




207 838 2675


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  • Kathy on

    Hi there. I was interested in a 2 cushion chesterfield sofa in a darker grey tone. How would I go about in getting a price for 2. Not smaller then 78’

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