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Tickled with My Thai Mirrors

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How I love getting photos from my customers showing me how they are placing the gorgeous Thai Mirror/Wall Hanging purchased from yours truly. Received both photos recently and with the steady stream of sales this week...of Thai Mirrors in particular, I thought it made sense to do a little feature here.

Enjoy and do check out our selection!


A note from Ruth...

Call me a sentimental fool, but if you haven't noticed by now, I have a "tie" everything that I sell...or in this case a "Thai". :) 

Aside from loving the product, and the company that owns the cottage industry in Thailand that makes these, I enjoy keeping warm the connection to the country we called Home for 5 years in the early '90's.

We moved there, from Kitchener Ontario, with our young being an impressionable 4,2 and 1 when we first made that forever long flight...which was marked by the oh so friendly  Thai stewards and stewardesses ...yes, we flew on Thai Airways...that which was the Perfect introduction to the Land of Smiles. 

 Further adding to the warm  nature of the people that put out the welcome mat to us "farangs",  was the multi cultural/multi national community we became  part of.  Attending the British International School the friends they made were ALL from somewhere other than Canada....and in fact such was the case that to ask any of these kids "where they were from" could prove to not have a very straightforward answer. It was a beautiful pot pourrie that we were so fortunate to be part of...and which was celebrated each year on International Day at their school.

 I love that we were able to give our children this experience and that they embraced it so, and that it has become part of the fabric of their Being.

 We are expecting our first grandchild in a couple of weeks and I know that her mother will raise her to see people for who they are... not for their skin colors, accents, or religious backgrounds. 

 I know my Family is not alone in being horrified by those that are so threatened, angry and full of hate for people 'not like them' ...and violently protesting their existence.

 So many horrible things happening right in our backyard right now BUT I can't help but Believe that the  GoodWill, Love, Acceptance, Compassion, and Empathy by the Beautiful and Colorful Tapestry of People that call this country their home,  will prove to be the stronger and louder Voice as we stand together...embracing our differences.

To Being The Peace...


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