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MORE on Chinese Furniture....

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....and More!


As you know I've been working this "gig" of importing and selling Chinese Furniture for what is now 17 years. And how I do love it! However, in recent years I have been doing less importing, and thus my offerings haven't kept as "fresh" as you had become accustomed to.....which is a less than ideal situation. As you also know, I've grown in collaborations in recent can read all about it here, in my latest blog...

One of these collaborations has been more of a salient nature these past years, which I am only now announcing. Although my role with Sammy Lin of Asian Barn, is to work to grow his Trade business, I want to share with you this resource for Chinese Antiques, Lacquered Chinese Reproductions AND Modern/Industrial Furniture.

Website in the works, but in the meanwhile, if ever in New York City, you want to check him out. Asian Barn is on West 17th St, between 5th and 6th and is open 7 days/week. I will be offering "sneak peaks" of his inventory by way of this missive, and, should you be following me on social media/all links below, you will see more of same there.

  • He is bringing containers in regularly.
  • Customizations available.
  • Exceptional pricing
  • Quality on par with what you have come to expect from ZAAR.
  • working with family owned factories
  • ADDING modern/industrial style to our offerings....see below.

So, if you see anything on my site, ZAAR Design Center, OR Antiques by Zaar, site remains up as reference only...that is noted as SOLD and it is exactly what you wanted, let me know and between Sammy and I, we can get it for you.

Let me know should you have any questions, or better yet, what I can send your way. Thrilled to be upping the ante for offerings of this nature to YOU!



207 838 2675


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